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Property Management

Hiring a Property Manager for your property allows you to enjoy the income from your investment property without having to deal with the everyday details that are associated with a landlord/tenant relationship. Simply put, enjoy all the benefits of rental housing ownership without all the “the headaches”. To meet the demands of rental property ownership we are literally on call all of the time. We handle all the tenant issues, the rent collections, emergency maintenance and repair requests, serving of any legal notices, and receiving 30 day notices! Then the cycle starts over. We use an efficient screening process and quickly find a good tenant. The unit gets turned around quickly and new tenants are enjoying their new rental home.

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Move In Inspection: A walk through inspection of the “move in” ready unit. This written report documents the existing condition of the exterior and interior and is used to compare the condition after the tenant moves out. The new tenant is also able to fill out a condition report.

Move Out Condition Inspection: A walk through inspection of the unit after tenant moves out. This inspection is performed after the tenant surrenders possession, necessary to establish any charges to the security deposit. Any repairs needed will be documented as well.

Periodic or Annual Inspection: A walk through inspection of an occupied unit. This inspection documents the condition of a lived in unit addressing any areas of concern or improvement needed from either tenant and owner or both. With owner’s permission we quickly remedy any issues, or prevent any potential issues from occurring.

Initial Inspection: This inspection provides a checklist identifying cleaning or repairs for tenants to cure prior to move out.


Although the primary responsibility of the maintenance staff at Tower Property Management is to care for the rental properties under our umbrella, our knowledgeable and experienced professional staff is also equipped to work with the public to perform routine maintenance and related repair services. We schedule service through our full-time maintenance supervisor, and our staff technicians are available 24-7 to respond to emergencies. In addition, we are well-equipped to perform necessary minor touch-ups or to arrange for scheduled cosmetic enhancements, for building exteriors or unit interiors.

Our staff is also equipped to work with outside contractors to undertake major renovations. We work effectively with owners to collect and analyze bids, supervise the actual work and to ensure that every job is completed as specified, and that all financial obligations and quality standards are met.

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